Understanding Cremation: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

While traditional burials are relatively well understood by most people, cremation may not seem as straightforward. This may be due to the fact that cremation was extremely rare in the United States before 1876 when the first crematorium was constructed in the state of Pennsylvania. This relatively short history of cremation in America is a major reason why many people have questions about the process. If you are considering cremation as part of planning your final arrangements, the following information is designed to answer many of your most pressing questions. [Read More]

Pondering Cremation As Part Of Your Final Needs Plan? Consider These Points To Make The Best Decision

Pre-planning for your final needs at the end of life is a thoughtful, loving gesture to make for your family. Doing so will spare them the pain and stress of having to make funeral plans during a time when they are overcome with grief by your loss. But even when you want to make this gesture, it can still be very difficult to make the choices that must be made. The choice of either traditional burial or cremation is one of the most difficult of these decisions. [Read More]

Planning A Funeral After An Unexpected Death: 8 Ways To Get Through This Most Difficult Time

While enduring the loss of a loved one is always hard, when the death comes as a surprise, such as in an accident, the shock and emotional trauma are even greater. As you face these difficult circumstances, accomplishing much of anything besides mourning is a challenge. For the sake of the lost one, along with all those who loved them, you have a lot of things to take care of. Planning the funeral may actually help guide you through your grief, as it will give you a sense of purpose. [Read More]

A Step By Step Guide To The Cremation Process

Even today, the whole concept of cremation is still shrouded in mystery, making many people shy away from it. Are you planning or considering cremation for yourself or a loved one? Do you need a deeper understanding of the process? Notification of Death The first step following the death of a loved one is to inform your cremation service provider of the death. Documentation It is important to identify the body correctly. [Read More]